Monday, January 11, 2010


Norman Rockwell immortalized the store’s clocks in a typically whimsical illustration for the cover of the wildly popular Saturday Evening Post on Nov. 3, 1945:
The clock depicted is the Randolph St. clock, as evidenced by the Oriental Theater sign partially visible in the background.
Like other Rockwell paintings, this image presents a sentimental snapshot of American life – the working-man clockmender whose simple pocket watch establishes the time for a grand clock whose immense size literally dwarfs him (in reality, the clocks were set inside the store).
By using Marshall Field’s clock, Rockwell helped cement the store’s status as an iconic symbol of both grandeur and typical American-ness. Rockwell donated the painting to the store in 1948.
Macy’s later donated it to the Chicago History Museum, sealing its status, in turn, as an icon of Chicago history.